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[Image: 2.0-hour Intensive Hydrating Facial / Clinical Acne Treatment (RM198) + Eye Treatment (RM45)]
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[Image: Italy Frost Light Treatment for First Trial]
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Hong Kong Beauty & Cosmetic Centre provides a one stop comprehensive beauty and body service. Solution attaches importance on the results of each and every therapeutic treatment and stresses on internal and external regulation for full elimination of problems faces by clients. Besides that, we are using Italy Advance Photon Therapy Technology which is more effective than normal treatment and normal light. Our business hour start at 9.30am until 6pm meanwhile on Sunday 
9am until 3pm. 

Our Objective

  • We believe that all people are beautiful, the important thing is to understand and be confident in our own beauty, in our own unique way with our own sense of style, we  comfort clients with who they are, which enhances their physical beauty.
  • To constantly help your exterior match the confidence & energy your beauty from top to toe.
  • To provide training to beauticians, developing their skills and unleashing their potential as well as help them to build their career.

One of the professional product that is used in the HONG KONG BEAUTY & COSMETIC CENTRE
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