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If you're looking to get your clothes washed and dryed, there is laundry  located within a block of the Mega Hotel. It is charge by the kilo weight and will get your clothes washed, dried and folded within 24 hours.   Tally Laundry Services is located on Jalan Merbau on the same side of the street at the Mega Hotel. We will serve our customers with the best laundry services ever. Do come and visit us now.   

Specialised in:

  • Contract Daily General Cleaning for Cinema, Banks, Shopping Complex, Commercial Building, Residential, School and Government Agencies, etc
  • Contract Laundry for Hotel, Restaurant, Club, Apartment, etc. Include: Collection & Delivery Daily (Tally Laundry Services)
  • Floor Cleaning, Polishing & Carpet Shampoo/Upholstery
No 515, Ground Floor, Jalan Merbau 98000 Miri, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia, 98000
Tel: 085430322