GroupASave for Your Business

Business For You


1. We bring you new valuable customers

Some subscribers are not looking for “the Perfect Deal” but the perfect excuse to get out from their routine and try out something new. We bring them to your door and we can work out to bring them back again and again!


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Be ready to get noticed by our eager young audiences who are constantly looking for great stuffs they have never seen, heard or tried before. Our customers find you on and you get more new customers via than with any other form of advertising.


3. We create efficient and effective marketing

There are no out of pocket or hidden costs associated with being featured on We make money by making piece of GroupASave voucher we sell. In order words, we only win if you win. We work hard to ensure your success!


4. We make you “The Talk of the Town”

We introduce you to thousands of online users and we share your offer with everyone they know via Facebook, Twitter and other social media. This buzz will continue to attract customers and get them to talk about You, Your Brand or Your Company!


GroupASave Merchant Services

Merchants are our first priority at GroupASave. It is our pioneer responsibility to create awareness and educate merchants in order to achieve the most satisfying GroupASave experience possible with the highest Return of Investment. Here are our strategies to ensure our Merchants’ success:


Deal Optimization.

We understand your expectations and study your service limitations and together we work out a deal that delivers for your business.



We customize an exceptional write-up in our compelling GroupASave tone that entices the readers to respond to your goods and/ or services.


Simple Redemption Tracking.

We provide online tools to make it easy to redeem and track GroupASave voucher.